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Our customers believe we have amazing recovery products. Here are some reviews from customers around the globe.
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Does the job

Buy two batteries if you have friends.

I got 2 of them!

I run a very busy (award winning) personal training studio in NJ. We used another (similar) product for a year and it was good. It was a tremendous “value add” at the end of our sessions. Then one day it stopped working.

I discovered TimTam which was not only $200 less than he other product, but it was a little quieter and certainly had more battery life.
I liked it so much (as did my other trainers) that in bought a 2nd one for my studio.

Everyone loves it and I can’t be any happier with the product, price or customer service provided. I highly recommend.

Frank Pucher
Fitness 121 Personal Training
Roseland, NJ

Worth it's weight in gold.

I had a terrible slam on my hip that caused a deep hematoma. I'd have a dream twice and as a result I have some issues with my hip flexor. The timtam is making my hip return to its former glory.

Best investment I’ve ever made!

I love to use this for recovery and for warm ups . Works really great and is high quality

So happy with these tips

These tips are fantastic for getting into tight areas and breaking down scar tissue. My clients love it

Wonderful machine

Strong well constructed massager, versitile and able to help with joint and muscle problems, loosen tight and constricted muscles and tendons in minutes


TimTam Power Massager v1.5



Tim Tam Rocks

Tim Tam exceeded my expectations greatly. I initially purchased the tim tam through Amazon and a had customer service concern with it. I contacted tim tam and the same day I was contacted by the CEO via both email and telephonically. Needless to say, he immediately rectified the situation and made everything right. Amazing customer service and I felt like he really cared about both the integrity of his product and the opinions of his customers. Needless to say the Tim Tam is amazing. It has greatly improved and pretty much healed my plantar fasciitis, chronic elbow pain and the nasty knots I always seemed to get in my traps. I use it everyday and wish I had bought it sooner. If you are always either in the gym or do your job with an 80 pound “kit”, you will not regret getting this amazing tool.

High quality massager

Best massager I bought. Very durable and great for deep tissue massage and feels great


Fast delivery battery charges great

Tim tam baby!

The best thing ever!

NFL Player

I have tried numerous tools and ways to try and help my recovery process speed up and the ONLY recovery tool I am impressed with and does what I need, is the TimTam. The TimTam releases my soreness within seconds. What makes the TimTam so different is that its easy to store away and travel with. The Battery lasts throughout the day fully charged. My performance on the field and in the weight room has increased and I believe it is because of the TimTam Recovery Partner.

100% worth it!

To anyone who’s ever had an type of sports related injury, I’d suggest buying this a thousand times over. I’ve never had something help break down to those deep rooted muscle fibers as well as my TimTam power massager.

Robert Bailey

Its awesome!

awesome company

replaced a battery for free

Great recovery tool!

I purchased this for my husband and he has been using it like crazy. He brought it to his All Army Soccer Camp and everyone was using it. It definitely helps after those long training days!

Great, effective device!

The device has been working wonders on my muscles, particularly after heavy lifting. Battery life is substantial overall, but I bought an additional pack just to extend usage. The design is ergonomic and feels good, and I’m satisfied overall with the product. TimTam’s customer support is also very helpful and dependable when it comes to addressing questions or issues.


TimTam Power Massager v1.5


Love everything timtam has to offer!

Doing WORK!

Tore my hamstring a few months back and the TimTam has been amazing for rehab.

One of the best purchases I've made

I does a lot of research on both the TimTam and Go2Pro massagers to eventually buy a TimTam. I'm a competitive and hobbyist in the sport of bodybuilding and this machine has made all the differencein my training and recovery. I herniated a disk a while back which has since pinched a nerve in my back causing piriformis syndrome. I've lived with this pain for 2 years seeing pain management, sports massage, chiropractors, ART practitioners, all to avoid surgery and heal this injury. While it hasn't fully healed, I can say that the Tim Tam has helped drastically decrease pain, aiding me to perform better and get quality sleep without waking to the pain. I don't have sore muscles after intense workouts so long as I use the massager. And the confidence it offers in my own home pays dividends. I was expecting to pay a lot of money, but when I entered my military code it knocked a lot of the price off so I got the TENS unit too... this thing is awesome, esp. Because i can control it with my phone. Many thanks to the TimTam team for making great quality products and helping serious athletes like myself.


TimTam Power Massager v1.5