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Our customers believe we have amazing recovery products. Here are some reviews from customers around the globe.
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Love it

Use it everyday

Works as expected.

Effective. Another useful tool for recovery.

12 volt rechargeable battery

Great product!


Great for recovery! Really speeds up the process for me. Feel like new the next day.


This is life changing for any person of any size. It’s consistently giving you the worry free aspec of waiting on a someone to provide optimal pressure for a long duration of time. I would easily recommend these products to everyone.

Power massager

15 min with timtam is the same as 2 hours on roller for me. Fantastic product.

Massage gun

Absolutely amazing

love this thing

I'm so happy to have one of these in my body work arsenal. performs to promise

Great power massager - highly recommend

I had used my cousin's Theragun and discovered the Tim Tam online with great reviews. The noise level and quality of percussion massage seems to be the same with both. Am very happy with the Tim Tam and a special shout out to the company for the military discount.


The product arrived on a fashionable time. It is everything I expected and more.

Great product

I’m an athlete and I use this machine for my hips. It’s amazing


Excellent! Very helpful. Really works on targeted areas.

Great for recovery.

Tim Tam


Great for loosening tight muscles quickly

Use it for 10-15 minutes every morning before Jiu-Jitsu training. Great for loosening up tight or sore hips, quads, hamstrings and calves. Night and day difference before and after! If you are a serious athlete, replacing the ball with the metal cone tip is a necessity to really break up the specific spots you need and get in deeper. Highly recommended!

Power Massager

Excellent value for money especially with the Military discount.

Excellent Massaging tool

An amazing massaging tool that is worth the money investment. My first time using a personal massager of its nature and I was very pleased. The cone tip makes it make impactful because it get into the muscle deep. Overall very pleased with the product.


I like them


Great tool I think it would be even more amazing if it came with a guide for how to employ in the most effective manor

Muscle relief

Best ever!! I use it all the time and all my friends want one ☝️

Just Perfect :)

Muscle cramp killer

This is the best way to get the kinks out. If you get bad muscle cramps from time to time you need this massager.


Best thing I’ve ever used for trigger point therapy.



Trigger Point Metal Tip