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Our customers believe we have amazing recovery products. Here are some reviews from customers around the globe.
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Amazing product

This power massage is amazing before and after my workouts! I use it with my clients and they absolutely love it, definitely would recommend it to anyone working out or not


I do not squat without these. Love them. A must have when squaring 3 times your weight.


TimTam is awesome

Great machine

The best recovery machine ever


The Tim Tam Power massager it’s been a huge help on my recovery and preparation for my tournaments. I am a 3x Black Belt World Champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I am always working hard and pushing my self until the limit, and thank to the Tim Tam I am able to push hard and take care of my body well and also prevent injuries. I highly recommend for anyone.


TimTam Power Massager v1.5

I love the pulse massager

This is just what I need after a hard workout.

Tim Tam

Love the machine, works great. Exactly what i wanted. Was a little pricey, but worth the money. Works awesome on any sore muscle.

Tim tam

Customer service was great unfortunately shipping was not possible for apo as promised


Really great product. Just wish I knew they took out the soft tissue tools before I ordered. Other than that, I'm a huge fan of their products. Quality and great customer service.


TimTam Power Massager v1.5

Major Key!!!

The power massager is such a vital tool in my maintainence of my body as well as getting my body ready for those brutal training sessions.


Great product.


I am a very dedicated person to the gym, food, work, and family! I pray I’m not sore the next day so I can hustle and bustle! This machine DOES the trick! I bought every head, floss bands, and the cupping cups. I have bruises everywhere on my legs and arms. It’s a true daily life savior


TimTam Power Massager v1.5


TimTam 12V Li-ion Rechargeable Battery


I tried the brookstone and a few more massagers and I even got a massage chair from brookstone but this thing is so awesome that I wish I just got only this in the first place. I played ball overseas for 10 Years and I really wish I had this thing back then. It is one of the coolest things I have ever bought! A+

The Best machine

I’m athlete professional of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Tim TAM help my recovery, between the training I use it a lot , the best products

Martin Escamilla

Love this power massager.

50th Birthday present for my husband

My husband is an advid runner and the head cross country coach at our local high school. I purchased this for him for his birthday and he absolutely loves this! It has become part of his post run/training regimen.

Great Massage Tool

The TimTam is a great massage tool to help increase blood-flow and decrease soreness and minor aggravations in the muscles. It is an integral part of my recovery and warm up prior to my heavier days.


I’m a Pro athlete and a business man, it’s really hard to train for my competitions and also recovering properly
TimTam recovery pulse massage helps me to keep grinding really hard and releasing my muscles during my workout because it really works
If I don’t have time to reach a chiropractor , I don’t have to worry anymore because timtam have me covered

tim tam 12v lion

Great product...use it often!

TimTam 1.5

I have tried multiple products similar to the TimTam including the DMS, TheraGun G1, and TheraGun G2.

The TimTam is almost the same as the TheraGun G1. The only difference is the grip material and the presence of a “safety” trigger on the TheraGun.

The TT v1.5 provides a longer piston stroke than the DMS or TG2 which is favored by the professional athletes I treat. General population tends to prefer a lighter touch.

It’s hard to beat the price and the quality of this product when compared to everything else on the market. The multiple tips are a great addition. This why I decided to purchase this product. Consideration should be made for a softer tip for the more sensitive crowd.

Overall I am very pleased with this purchase. The portability and percussion makes it my preferred choice over the corded DMS. The price makes it my preferred choice over the TG and DMS.

Thanks for providing a reasonable alternative that gets the job done, and very well.


Great product for recovery! All my friends come over to use it

Best thing ever

Definitely the best massager ever ...


Patient’s love the way it feels!

Giving me back my flexibility ..

Awesome product..


Metal Tip Bundle

just as advertised

works great, no more lower back pains now..


Great product. Works fantastic on tight muscles and trigger points. Great for warming up and recovery.


TimTam Power Massager v1.5

Works better than expected!

This little guy is POWERFUL. It's super easy to use and works wirelessly via Bluetooth to your phone with their companion app. There are 10 intensity levels, although I've only been able to handle up to 7. I use it on my calves and IT band and it has helped loosen up tight areas and knots a ton!

Massage Therapist / Amature Powerbuilder Review

I am personally very happy with the TimTam. We had made a skillsaw version of this tool and I can definitely tell the difference in Vibration. It’s for certain that there’s intention behind the movement of the TimTam. I absolute love this for self care and I’ve just integrated it into my massage therapy practice. I am still learning the best way to use it for other people but so far having great success stories with things like knee discomfort and plantar fasciitis. The one thing I think could be improved upon is the battery life. I understand the battery business is a big thing but I’d be happy with some way to have a wall adapter so I didn’t have to stop mid session to switch batteries. The battery life is not very long and as the batteries die down the percussion of the TimTam changes. If you’re interested in this tool - definitely get the extra battery and at the time of purchase I would get the additional attachments. I wish I had for the combo price. I now see how the different attachments would be more effective depending on treatment goals.
Great tool!


The vibrating foam roller does an amazing job getting all of the pressure points and massaging at the same time. Its pretty small compared to traditional rollers to it’s easy to carry. Even if it’s not vibrating or charged it can still be used as a traditional roller as well. I recommend this to anyone trying to recover!

Amazing piece of equipment !

We use a myriad of tools and devices at my clinic and this has by far moved to the top of the list for go to massage aides

Loving the TimTam

The TimTam is an amazing tool! I have been using it as an added value to my personal training sessions. Clients love it!

Love it

Amazing... it’s our new Family toy... Recovery is great..,,


Got it for me and my son, we both play hockey and I have developed restless leg so this is key to me sleeping now. Awesome product


Warming Therapy Gel

Great massages!

This machine packs a lot of power and is great for loosening tight muscles!

What a product!

Wow, what a great product. I am so impressed with the pulse, it's a small product that packs a big punch. I felt a lot of muscle relief and it reduced muscle soreness after a really tough workout.
I also enjoy the simplicity of you just stick it on your leg (I'm a cyclist) no cords or oils.
Another great feature is how small it is, that means I can travel anywhere with it in my pocket.
Thanks TimTam


This is one of my favorite massagers absolutely love it

Fast recovery

This is a great product that allowed me to stay in the gym longer and recover faster


Absolutely love my time tam

Every trainer should own this

The timtam massager is a must for anyone who is active. I had right shoulder issues resulting from supraspinatus and infraspinatus tightness. After one 5 minute session with the metal cone tip, I am now shoulder pain free. I purchased the additional battery and tip set and it was more than worth the cost.


Excellent packing, expedited delivery, excellent support staff and everything is working as advertised. How do you utilize pulse on multiple sites?

Great Product

What a great product. The Tim Tam is really helping my son with Recovery! The Warm and Cold tips are a great added bonus that no other percussion Massagers have! Thank you

Absolutely incredible son!

Look! This Timtam is absolutely amazing! I couldn't be happier working with a company that supports the Military the way they do! I got the full "Mobile Trainer Package", as I found many of the items useful for me being a Jiu-jitsu practitioner. Absolutely no better feeling than knowing I can train multiple days a week and this kit is going to help me recover 3 times as fast!

I have to show @spencerpratt how to use it on my IG page (@badic) all the time.