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Our customers believe we have amazing recovery products. Here are some reviews from customers around the globe.
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Love this thing!!!!!!

I’ve had a few nagging muscle issues from heavy squatting. Ever since getting this, it’s gotten rid of it! I work at a sports performance gym and a lot of our athletes as well as our general population people want one as well after trying it out. This is my best purchase of 2018!

Badass tool that keeps me healthy

I heard about this like most through JRE. Being as active as I am, it made sense. I'm not disappointed.


Metal Tip Bundle

Great product

Amazing customer service and a great product! My therapist used the power massager on clients and also during events like marathons and 5ks and everyone loves how effective it is.

Executive chef

Thanks very happy about Tim tam

Tim tam

I love it. I have very tight shoulders from my job, I had my wife use the Tim Tam on me and felt a noticeable difference in my movement of my arms. Now I wish I could remember to use it on a more regular basis.

great product!

Must buy with the TimTam Massager!

Healed me in 3 days

I was having horrible low back bain because my legs and hips were so tight - pulling my back out of place. After 3 days of Tim Taming my muscles, I can finally bend over without pain and stiffness. It may seem pricey but considering how much I was spending on the massage therapist and chiropractor, this was a worthy investment.

Game changer

Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be very tough on the body, especially on the hips, neck and back. The power massager has been an amazing help to both me and my very thankful training partners and our recovery process. Whether it’s before class to get those stiff areas warmed up, or after class working out those aches and pains that come from the grind of a hard rolling session, the power massager has been a game changer. I can train more and I hurt less. More Bjj and less pain during the workday make me a much happier and healthier person. Thank you TimTam!


great tool for recovery!

Great Product

Amazing recovery product. Thanks Firas for going on JRE and letting us all know what this company is all about. Fantastic Military discount as well!


This is a great recovery tool that is used after dance and football practice for the family, the kids are using it by themselves now, they also use it before practice when they are sore. Great product !

Best handheld recovery massager out there

I wouldn't buy any other handheld massager. Quality build for the price and it works great.

Best Purchase of 2018

Love my TimTam, it’s a great help in aiding recovery for my sore muscles after a solid workout. Would recommend to anybody any day of the year!


It is fantastic

As Good As They Say

I love this thing. It works as promised.


TimTam Power Massager v1.5


Great tool.


Thee sexiest thing ever


TimTam Power Massager v1.5

Quality Craftsmanship

These metal tips are great for a variety of spots. I love the coned tip to work my quads and hamstrings. If you want the variety of tips that range from more deep fasia stimulation to superficial fascia stulation, this is a must have.

Invaluable Recovery Tool

This device should be a part of every active persons recovery program. Works better than i ever expexted. I use it especially to work out knots and it takes care of them pretty quickly.

TimTam Power Massager V1.5

This power massager is nothing short of amazing! As a Massage Therapist this has been a great tool to really break up the fascia and tough knots on my clients. Great for Athletes and the power is strong behind the drill. Highly recommend this exceptional product! Thank you TimTam this has been a game changer! You guys rock!

Great item

Wish it came with some sort of message program, or was adjustible

But over all it delivers and has helped my shoulder range of motion

Fantastic device

Consistent use of the device really feels as though it is breaking up tissue in the tight spots. I've picked up the attachments as well, very satisfied.