Mobile Trainer Package (Backordered Until 2019) Package
Mobile Trainer Package (Backordered Until 2019) Package

Mobile Trainer Package (Backordered until 2019)

Everything a trainer needs in a quick and convenient go bag. We pack in all of the essentials so you can adequately address the needs of your clients anytime, anywhere. This package includes

  • 1 TimTam Power Massager V1.5
  • 2 batteries to keep you charged up
  • 1 battery charger
  • 1 metal warmup tip
  • 1 metal trigger point tip
  • 2 plastic hot tip
  • 2 plastic cold tip
  • 1 standard round tip
  • 1 Recovery Blade tip
  • 1 120mL bottle of the TimTam Cooling Gel
  • 1 120mL bottle of the TimTam Warming Gel
  • 1 120mL bottle of the TimTam Gliding Gel
  • 1 6-pack athletic tape bundle
  • 1 TimTam Trainer Backpack

Customer Reviews

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Best money I’ve ever spent!

This alien technology has changed my freaking life. As a martial artist, a Marine and K9 trainer I live an extremely active lifestyle with a near non-stop pace. I regularly spend money on deep tissue massages and spend hours stretching, however have still been plagued by problem areas that literally sapped my energy over time (I’m 28). Well as of receiving my TimTam I can say NOT ANYMORE. The day I got this bad boy I went to town on my meat suit, one battery in the charger while I drained the other at the cyclic rate, doing battery changes like speed reload drills on a rifle range.
5 hours later I felt the best I’ve felt in years. I use this thing EVERY. DAMN. DAY. 5/5 - would recommend and I am gifting this to my parents for Christmas to upgrade their lives as well. It’s worth the money, please believe.

Muscle cramp killer

This is the best way to get the kinks out. If you get bad muscle cramps from time to time you need this massager.


Mobile Trainer Package


Mobile Trainer Package


I would recommend this product to everyone!!! :))