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Pro-level Recovery for Everyone

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Massage is a vital part of your essential health and effective recovery can significantly increase performance.Designed and engineered by leading doctors, physios and coaches TimTam brings professional recovery to everyone.

Used daily by everyone from pro athletes to casual gym-goers, it improves recovery and performance, whatever level you play at.

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recover faster & train harder

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Massage is a vital part of your essential health and effective recovery can significantly increase performance.

Power massage for muscle injuries can speed up recovery times by up to 30% and regular massage after training can significantly improve performance - even for elite athletes.

Ten minutes with the Tim Tam leaves me feeling like I just had an hour long deep tissue massage


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October 01, 2019 4 min read

TimTam's modern recovery for all, now includes recovery supplements. We've partnered with Lurong Living, a premium supplement company, to bring you TT Nutrition. What does this mean? Amazing Products / Great Pricing /Unbelieveable Offers to help make your recovery process faster and your fitness performance better than ever. In the following months we'll be updating Lurong Living's line of high-quality supplements to fit our new TT Nutrition brand. If you love what we've done with modern recovery tools, then you'll love what's next with TTN.

Amazing Offer - The Ultimate Recovery Package

Since we can't contain our excitement, we've created the Ultimate Recovery Package which includes:

3 bags of Lurong Living Paradigm Protein

3 bags of Lurong Living Hydration BCAA's

Free All New PowerMassager! 

Take advantage now by using this link.

A letter from TimTam CEO - Tom Pepe

We have a big announcement - The birth of TimTam Nutrition is on its way!

A few short years ago Firas Zahabi, and I sat at a Las Vegas Café with our first ever power massager prototype.  We offered bystanders the chance to test it out and in that moment of witnessing Tim and Tam experience the power of percussion, we knew from that day forward our mission was to bring Modern Recovery to All!  We are inspired daily at the life-changing stories we hear from customers like you every day.

Being a part of the recovery world, our customers naturally are passionate about taking care of their bodies and incorporating daily use of supplementation.  With this knowledge, it was a simple decision to add a line of clean products to TimTam Theraputics that we are proud of and stand behind.  We are excited to announce the acquisition of Lurong Living and more excited to be able to offer our customers high quality supplements ranging from a 3-ingredient collagen protein to sucralose free BCAAs, certified drug free deer antler & more!

Over the next few months we will be rebranding all Lurong Living packaging while maintaining their existing formulas that have been proven to work!  As of today, you now have access to their current Lurong Living products while receiving the best offers from both of our brands.  We are excited for our current supporters to become a part of our journey as TimTam Nutrition comes to life.  Plus, now that we have joined forces, we will be able to offer customers more products as early as Winter 2019 and more to come in 2020.

We are committed to offering Modern Recovery for All and allowing people to live their lives to the fullest.  Our future is incredibly bright, and we are trilled to have you be apart of it!

Be sure to check out the link below to take advantage of our launch promotion that will give you savings of almost $300 plus a free All New Power Massager just for enrolling into our subscription program.

Let's all continue to changes lives together.

Tom Pepe


TT Theraputics

 Important FAQ's

Why is TimTam getting into supplements?

The TimTam motto is "Modern Recovery for All", so what better way to make sure customers have the best recovery products then to add the best supplementation to their performance and recovery arsenals.  It's all part of our continued effort to make sure everyone is performing not only their workouts optimally but improving their overall lifestyle.  

Who is Lurong Living?

Lurong Living is a health and wellness company started by former major league baseball player Adam Greenberg. They sell clean, great tasting supplements that'll aid in improving performance and fast tracking your recovery.  Their products are the best in sports supplementation.  We can't wait 'til you get your hands on them.    

Are their supplements any good?

Every supplement created is passed through a rigorous testing process to make sure they have zero banned substances.  Which is why each product has a BSCG (Banned Substance Control Group) logo on it.  Also, they are made with the purest and healthiest ingredients and have no fillers, artificial flavors / colors or sugar.  Plus, each product is GMP certified, which means our products are 3rd party tested to ensure what is on our label is exactly what's in the product.  Only the Best for our customers!  The protein tastes amazing too.

When will the TimTam products come out?

Right now we are currently renaming and relabeling Lurong Living products to TimTam Nutrition, so there is no set date.  But don't let us stop you from trying what's in store.  Head over to and start adding these products to your daily regimen to help speed up your recovery today. 

How much will they cost?

We currently don't have a set price on the new / rebranded TimTam Nutrition products, but please keep and eye out through our social media and be sure you're apart of our mailing list to receive updates!  Scroll down to the footer of this page and enter your email.


The Ultimate Recovery Package

 Since there's so much excitement surrounding TimTam Nutrition, that couldn't be contained, we decided to put together the Ultimate Recovery Package for our customers to taste our new high-quality supplements and experience an even faster recovery.

What's Included:

Paradigm Protein - 3 bags of either chocolate or vanilla.  Paradigm Protein is made with just three ingredients: collagen peptides protein, stevia extract and cocoa (chocolate) or natural flavoring (vanilla).  Plus, the taste is amazing.

Hydration BCAA - 3 bags of wild berry.  The Hydration BCAA supports you with increased hydration and balancing electrolytes through a complex hydration matrix of coconut water powder, potassium citrate, sodium chloride, and other key ingredients.  It's the best BCAA / Hydration matrix on the market.

All New PowerMassager - If you take your recovery seriously, then you need an All New.  Use its incredible power to target muscle groups that need recovery most.  It reduces lactic buildup and repairs micro-tears meaning less soreness and better workout sessions.  It's a recovery tool needed in every athletes workout regimen.   

Almost $300 in Savings - This offer won't last long and you won't find another with this much value available.  Now's the time to upgrade your recovery.

Get Your Ultimate Recovery Package Today!


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