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Pro-level recovery for everyone Used by pro athletes, coaches & physios

Recover faster & train harder Benefits of a 10min massage in just 30s

Our customers love us Fiver Star 1961 reviews

The All New Recovery Guide: Lower Body


We all know how our bodies feel after leg day: the ‘too sore to move’, ‘avoiding steps at all costs’, and ‘I’m never doing leg day again’ kind of feeling. This same feeling comes after the first day of preseason, and new half marathon PR, or a long day of yard work. Luckily, you don’t have to sit around and wait to feel better again with the All New Power Massager. More powerful and quieter than ever before, the All New is perfect for targeting low body pain when you need it most. At TimTam, we want you to get the most out of your recovery, which is why we’ve made a guide to using the All New Power Massager on your lower body, covering how to maximize your recovery efforts on:

  • Quads
  • Adductors
  • Calves
  • Hamstrings, and
  • Feet

Using the All New on Your Quads

Prevent Thigh Strains and Speed Up Recovery

TimTam AllNew Power Massager thigh

All athletes have experienced that tight, aching feeling in your quads. While a larger muscle group, your quads are especially at risk for muscle strain because they cross both your hip and knee joints. These joints can cause your quads to be stretched beyond their limit during eccentric muscle motion. These movements cause the smallest muscle fibers in your quads to tear, and these microtraumas can be especially hard to recovery because they occur deep within your muscles.

To prevent muscle strains, it’s important to stay loose and limber before working out. Inadequate warmups, fatigue, and tightness can increase your risk of a muscle strain. To tackle these issues, TimTam reminds you that recovery starts before your workout. Before a big lift, sprint, or game, always take time to warm up with 10 minutes of light cardio, dynamic and static stretching, and massage with the All New Power Massager. The All New can help loosen you up and warm up your muscles to prevent injury in your quads.

After your workout, use the All New for percussive massage on your quads. We recommend using an up and down motion, covering the entire muscle region with steady and light pressure. Stay attentive to areas of your muscles that give you a little bit of kickback: these are knots or myofascial trigger points. If found, apply more pressure to these areas, or switch out your tip for a metal trigger point tip to apply more pressure to these areas.

Not only does the All New restore blood flow to microtraumas in your muscles, but can help relax tight muscles and fascia. Loosening these tight muscles and fascia can help retain a full range of motion after a tough workout.

Using the All New on Hip Adductors

Targeting 5 Crucial Muscles in Your Adductors

IMGA All New Power Massager Hip

Your hip adductors are the muscles located on your inner thigh that are responsible for hip rotation and leg stability. Composed of five difference muscles, hip adductors can be easy to strain or injure if you’re consistently in motion and changing direction as an athlete.

While it’s fully possible to massage hip adductors on your own, using a partner for massage on your hip adductors can be particularly beneficial. To massage on your own, we recommend sitting down with your knee bent upward and to the side (like you’re sitting criss-cross applesauce) with your shin perpendicular to your thigh. Gently apply the All New in lengthwise motions against your adductors, noting points of kickback. These pressure points are knots or myofascial trigger points that will need additional attention.

If you’re using a partner to massage your adductors, it may be easier to locate these trigger points and be more attentive to the points in which the muscles need more pressure. However, partner application can cause tickling of the inner thigh, which can inhibit your ability to massage effectively. Take partner massager slow, allowing the patient time to adjust to the massage at all points of contact before beginning a full massage.

Using the All New on Your Calves

Quick, Simple Recovery for a Vital Leg Muscle

Power Massager Leg

Your calves are composed of two different muscles: the gastrocnemius and the soleus. These muscles work together to helps you pull up your heels, thus making walking, running, and jumping possible.

Luckily, both training and recovering the muscles is fairly simple. While sitting down, use the All New to apply massage to unflexed calf muscles. Ensure your calves are unflexed by pointing your foot at a 45-degree angle. Because the calves are surface-level muscles, massage will not take very long - only about 1-3 minutes at most. Apply extra pressure to knots or trigger points found along the way.

Calf massages help stimulate the lymphatic system and prevent DOMS in your muscles. The lymphatic system helps remove waste products like lactic acid in your muscles while providing a protective layer around the muscles. This not only helps you recover, but aids in continuing to work these muscles effectively.

Using the All New on Your Hamstrings

Guide to lower body muscles


Located along the back of your leg and responsible for running and walking, the hamstrings are one of the vital muscle groups that keep you moving. However, since hamstrings are engaged during almost all movement, they can easily pull during rapid stops and starts.

Luckily, hamstrings are very receptive to percussive therapy from the All New. Not only does the All New help ease the pain of sore hamstrings, but can speed up recovery of microtears and loosen knots caused by overuse. For treatment, we recommend focusing on each muscle in your hamstrings separately rather than as a complete muscle group. After locating your muscles, apply the All New for 1-2 minute for each in lengthwise motions, paying attention to where your muscle feels tight and provided kickback, reapplying more focused massage to that area with a trigger point metal tip.

Using the All New on Your Feet

Simple Application for Astounding Relief

TimTam PowerMassager Foot

Image Source: Beverly Childress Creative

While your foot is probably the easiest location on your body to massage, it is also the location that needs the most caution. Because your feet have many small bones in them, it’s extremely important to apply massage techniques correctly and carefully.

For this reason, we recommend keeping massage on your feed to your arches. Be sure to turn on the All New with the one-touch trigger before applying to your skin. While sitting, move the All New in crescent motions on your arches slowly and without applying too much pressure. For a more focused massage, try switching out for a metal tip, being careful to avoid hitting the bones in your foot.

The muscles in your lower body need some serious love after a tough workout. Check out the All New Power Massager now to get started with the lower body massage techniques your body deserves.

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