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Pro-level Recovery for Everyone

Georges "Rush" St-PierreUFC Welterweight Champion

Massage is a vital part of your essential health and effective recovery can significantly increase performance.Designed and engineered by leading doctors, physios and coaches TimTam brings professional recovery to everyone.

Used daily by everyone from pro athletes to casual gym-goers, it improves recovery and performance, whatever level you play at.

"I use the Power Massager to help reduce fatigue and tiredness."


recover faster & train harder

Dr Kelly StarrettPhysiotherapist & New York
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Massage is a vital part of your essential health and effective recovery can significantly increase performance.

Power massage for muscle injuries can speed up recovery times by up to 30% and regular massage after training can significantly improve performance - even for elite athletes.

Ten minutes with the Tim Tam leaves me feeling like I just had an hour long deep tissue massage


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July 02, 2019 5 min read


At TimTam, we constantly push ourselves to be better then yesterday. We instill this methodology in every step of our business, including our signature product, the Power Massager. The driving force at the center of this? Our customers. That’s why we’ve put together this user guide that breaks down everything you need to know about theAll New Power Massager. From our inspiration that led to its creation to tips for maintaining the longevity of your product, we’re here to show you everything you need to know about the All New.


The Basis for the Creation of the All New

TimTam AllNew PowerMassager

Always looking to improve, we took what our customers said to heart when engineering the All New PowerMassager. We accomplished this by creating a quieter product with a longer-lasting battery -- aspects of the Power Massager v1.5 that fans of our products agreed needed improvement. 

One of the greatest benefits of choosing a TimTam product over a competitor is our ability to remain at a more affordable price point while supplying extraordinary power. At a price point hundreds less than some of our competitors, the ANPM is the perfect solution for hardworking athletes looking to boost their recovery without breaking the bank.

The final product? One powerful massage device that helps make training and recovery a breeze at a price our competitors can’t touch.

What’s So New About the All New?

Double the Battery Life

The All New PowerMassager™ features with a high-capacity 12v - 2.0 Amp battery that lasts twice as long as the battery in the Power Massager v1.5.  A best in class of continuous run time of more the 40 continuous minutes, you’ll have access to full-body recovery on a single charge -- and then some.

20% Quieter Functionality

Redesigned with a linear gear and motor, the ANPM is quieter than ever before. With less noise during use, you’ll be able to use your PM at the gym, at home, or while on the go with less disturbance than before.

One-Touch Trigger

One of the most user-friendly features of the ANPM is the reinvented one-touch trigger. You no longer have to hold down the trigger during use, allowing you the freedom to reach more hard-to-reach places  

Increased Power

The linear drive gears and one-touch trigger increase the amount of power the All New can supply to your muscles. You can now deliver consistent 2,500 percussive pulses to sore, aching muscles with ease.

Anti-Microbial Plastics

We learned that many of our products are being used in gyms and by trainers. In an effort to keep TimTam products healthy to use, we integrated anti-microbial plastics that keep application sanitary from athlete to athlete.

How to Use the All New Power Massager

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using the All New

TimTam AllNew PowerMassager Shoulder

The All New Power Massager has so much power that we want to make sure you know what to do with it. Here we’ll break down the step-by-step to using the All New and provide expert tips to getting the most out of your new favorite recovery device.

  1. Charge the All New. Use the included wall charger to bring your ANPM to a full battery. 
  2. Insert the battery pack into the base. Your battery should slide in smoothly. Apply pressure with the palm of your hand to ensure the battery is entirely locked in.
  3. Turn on with the one-touch trigger. The one-touch trigger allows you to have a greater range of motion for applying the ANPM to various muscle groups. Power on by pushing the one-touch trigger in all the way, releasing when massaging.
  4. Apply the massaging tip to muscles. It’s very important to have the All New turned on prior to applying to the body. If you turn on the All New while it’s on your muscles (or worse, a bone) you can cause yourself injury. Use the ANPM to massage sore muscles, trigger points, and more, applying more pressure where needed.
  5. Switch out your tip. If you’re interested in using ahot or cold tip for your therapy, start by removing the battery and install your hot tip or pull your cold tip from its cooling location, screwing it on to the tip of your All New. 
  6. Once treatment is completed, turn off the All New using one-touch trigger
  7. Store in the carrying case for easy transport, protection, and compact storage
  8. When it’s time to charge your All New, be careful not to overcharge. Much like a laptop that you leave plugged in overnight, the battery can fry and become dependent on the power source. To ensure the longevity of your All New, charge sparingly and only when necessary.

How it Works

How Your Body Benefits from Percussive Massage

TimTam AllNew PowerMassager Calf Treatment

The All New Power Massager delivers 2500 percussive pulses to your body per minute. On the surface, it can appear that the All new is simply a machine designed for beating you up, but these percussive movements provide a variety of benefits to the human body

Percussive massage increases blood flow to sore and aching muscle areas. This increased blood flow delivers oxygen and necessary nutrients to your muscles following a tough workout or vigorous exercise.

These nutrients are particularly important because working out causes microtears (or microtraumas) in your muscles. While the term ‘microtrauma’ sounds extremely dangerous, microtraumas are the entire reason we are able to become stronger. When lifting weights and working out, your muscles experience botheccentric and concentric muscle contraction. During eccentric muscle contraction - like when you’re lowering the barbell during a bicep curl -  your muscle strands are extending while bearing weight, causing tiny tears in your smallest muscle fibers. 

The good news is that these tears heal themselves. But these microtears are a huge portion of the reason you are sore after a workout. It’s a necessary evil because once these microtears heal - in part due to the oxygen and nutrients sent to them through the blood - the new muscle is stronger than ever before. Percussive massage encourages blood flow to these muscle areas, which in turn helps speed up recovery times.

But that’s not all. Percussive massage also helps relax thickened connective tissue and fascia after a workout.Thickened tissue and fascia is the reason you feel stiff after working out. Massage helps relax these parts of your body, restoring a full range of motion sooner than without massage.

Because of these incredible benefits, the ANPM is a great tool for aiding in the treatment of many disorders commonly experienced by athletes, including:

  • Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)
  • Muscle Soreness
  • Shin Splints
  • Muscle Spasms and Cramps
  • Bursitis
  • Tendonitis

Additionally, there is evidence that the ANPM could be beneficial for a variety of other muscle and tissue related disorders that cause pain. If you’re interested in using the All New for medical reasons, we recommend consulting your doctor prior to use.

The All New Power massager - equipped with a one-touch trigger, more power, and less noise than ever before - is the next big thing in modern recovery.Learn more about the All New Power Massager now and see if it’s right for you.

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