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Pro-level Recovery for Everyone

Georges "Rush" St-PierreUFC Welterweight Champion

Massage is a vital part of your essential health and effective recovery can significantly increase performance.Designed and engineered by leading doctors, physios and coaches TimTam brings professional recovery to everyone.

Used daily by everyone from pro athletes to casual gym-goers, it improves recovery and performance, whatever level you play at.

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recover faster & train harder

Dr Kelly StarrettPhysiotherapist & New York
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Massage is a vital part of your essential health and effective recovery can significantly increase performance.

Power massage for muscle injuries can speed up recovery times by up to 30% and regular massage after training can significantly improve performance - even for elite athletes.

Ten minutes with the Tim Tam leaves me feeling like I just had an hour long deep tissue massage


our customers love us

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April 29, 2019 3 min read

The TimTam PowerMassager has introduced the world to the rise of Modern Recovery.  We are excited to announce the rollout of theTimTam Power Massager Pro: completely reengineered with more power and new features!

More Power, Shhhhh!

You talked, we listened. We engineered a new model with 20% more power while reducing ambient dB by 50%. Now virtually silent at 18dB, our Power Massager(r)  Pro is perfect in a clinical setting for Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Massage Therapists looking to bring a new soothing level of performance for all clients regardless of activity level.  At the same time we boosted the power by 20% to 2800 Strokes Per Minute, adding even more intensity to our existing best in class PowerMassager. We achieved this new level of performance using a brushless motor, planetary gears combined with precision machines parts. These new features and settings combined with a reengineered direct drive shaft delivers increased performance directly into the body.

Re-engineered Ultra-life Lithium Batteries for extended battery life. Additionally, we added an internal control designed to deliver maximum battery performance.

New Settings & New Power Levels 

As a direct result of feedback from customers, professionals & world champions, we designed the new programs and frequencies according to the methods and techniques used to achieve maximum performance and muscle recovery. The PowerMassager Pro has 7 Programs: 3 Deep Tissue settings - at either 1000, 2000, or 2800 strokes per minute - plus Warm-Up, Recovery, Neck, & Lumbar massages.   These settings turn the Power Massager Pro into the all-in-one device for effective recovery massage. This device is the answer to every athlete’s prayers, perfect for treating your whole body before, during, and after a tough workout.

Built-In Heat, Vibration &  Body Scanning Capabilities

In addition to powerful percussive massage, heat application benefits athletes by both soothing and increasing blood flow to aching muscles. Power Massager users are no longer limited by passive massage methods because the PM Pro includes an on-unit heated tip (99.5 degrees) that brings the benefits of heated massage to your favorite recovery tool. PowerMassager Pro will have an entire ecosystem of additional powered accessories in addition to heat application.  Preorder customers will also receive the PolishMini attachment that adds vibration to any of the 7 pre-programmed settings!  The Power Massager Pro contains a built-in muscle temperature sensor that identifies cold or overworked muscle areas, giving you insight so you can focus on the areas that need it most -- promising you a massage that hits the right spots every time.


New User-Friendly Features

In addition to making the Power Massager a stronger, more powerful device, we integrated a few brand-new features athletes are sure to love. The TimTam Power Massager Pro features the industry's only 175-degree rotating head that makes it possible to massage your own back -- an impossible feat with fixed power tools intended for flat surfaces or shaped handles from design studios. These improvements make the personal application abilities of the Power Massager greater than ever before. The grip and housing of the Power Massager Pro are antimicrobial, making sharing your favorite recovery tool safer and cleaner. The launch of the companion app will unlock all of the smart capabilities of the Power Massager with built-in Bluetooth functionality. All of this plus a secure compartment for your GPS (not included) allows for asset tracking out of the box!  

Jam-packed with a multitude of new and improved features, the TimTam Power Massager Pro is truly every athlete’s dream.Take your recovery to the next level now by ordering yours today.