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Launching The Recovery Blade with Andreas Olesen

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TimTam is privileged to have a large volume of experts, enthusiasts and athletes helping us build the modern recovery brand. One such person is Andreas Olesen. He was the pioneer and inspiration of our TimTam Recovery Blade - the latest innovation for our Power Massager

Andreas has been a physical therapist for 14 years with the last 7 of those at Fast Twitch. He has been focusing on pro level athletes mainly the NFL and NBA. Andreas found that his athletes are constantly looking for that unique thing that can help them recover faster, so they can keep pushing harder and harder and achieve greater training benefits.

Andreas loved the myofacial release aspect of the IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation) but felt it could be more effective. He and his clients loved our Power Massager so he approached us about building a new product that combined traditional tools with our deep tissue percussion device to achieve results not only faster but also more effectively. Andreas took inspiration from his four favorite IASTM tools and designed a blade that would offer each angle so each body part could be targeted. 

What started as an idea turned into a plywood prototype that became a high quality attachment that is now known as the Recovery Blade. Machined from aluminum, a beveled edge for comfortable application and fastened with a TT branded nut, we feel it represents the future of IASTM.

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