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Pro-level Recovery for Everyone

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Massage is a vital part of your essential health and effective recovery can significantly increase performance.Designed and engineered by leading doctors, physios and coaches TimTam brings professional recovery to everyone.

Used daily by everyone from pro athletes to casual gym-goers, it improves recovery and performance, whatever level you play at.

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recover faster & train harder

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Massage is a vital part of your essential health and effective recovery can significantly increase performance.

Power massage for muscle injuries can speed up recovery times by up to 30% and regular massage after training can significantly improve performance - even for elite athletes.

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March 28, 2019 4 min read


It’s finally time for MLB Opening Day: one of the most exciting days in Major League Baseball. As teams step on the the field and up to the plate to set the tone for the entire season, players are in their prime. After months of preparation to make sure athletes are ready to bring their A-Game, coaches and fans alike are ready to see the strengths and weaknesses of each team. But as the season progresses and games seem to be coming back to back to back, how can athletes keep their performance as strong as it was on opening day? TimTam is here with your answer: thePower Massager. The Power Massager is the portable, handheld personal massager that boosts recovery and keeps you fresh after tough games and workouts. Want to know more about this powerful recovery tool? We’re here to break it down for you.

The Power Massager

The Power Massagers Specs and Features that Make it a Must-Have for Athletes

Power Massager

Created by the recovery experts at TimTam, the Power Massager is the ultimate personal massager. As one of the most popular products in TimTam’s Power Series, the Power Massager brings unbelievable professional therapy to athletes around the globe. Great for both in-home treatment and treatment from trainers and coached, the Power Massager is easy to use and portable.

The Power Massager weighs just 2.2 pounds and includes a charger and and carrying case for ease of use. Despite portability, the power massager provides serious recovery with high velocity percussive massage, delivering up to 2,500 pulses per minute to trigger points and tense muscles. As a great addition to recovery massage delivered by a trainer, just five minutes with the Power Massager is equivalent to 30 minutes with a foam roller or professional masseuse. In addition to serious power, the Power Massager includes heating and cooling options for accelerated broad muscle and deep tissue massages. These feature all combine to make the most powerful personal massager on the market, perfect for MLB players to utilize from Opening Day through the entire season.

Why the Power Massager Works

How Professional Baseball Players Benefit from the Power Massager

Nick Decker For TimTam

It’s clear that the Power Massager lives up to its name, bringing serious, powerful recovery massages to athletes at all levels. But let’s dive a little deeper than looking at what the Power Massager does and take a look at the effects it has on your body.

We spoke to Nick Decker - 2018draft pick for the Boston Red Sox - about the incredible benefits of the Power Massager. “The TimTam Power massager has been a game changer for my recovery,” he said, “It can get the spots that a foam roller might not be able to.” The Power Massager is great to reaching targeted muscle areas like shoulders, pecs, glutes, quads, and more with precision, making it easy to break up knots and prevent bursas.

Decker went on to say, “[The Power Massager] breaks up all the lactic acid and gets real deep in the tissues that build up after working out.” This focus on lactic acid breakdown can assist in reducing recovery times by up to 30%, allowing you to bring your A-game day after day. This quick recovery, as Decker says, is crucial for a long season as a top performer in the league. The massage provided by the Power Massager can help you grow as an athlete with every treatment, with the regular deep tissue massage proven to increase performance by 2-5%.

Athletes, following treatment from the Power Massager, are less sore the following day and are able to put 100% into their workouts every day. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your arms for improved throwing or doing speed training to improve baserunning and fielding, the Power Massager is there to relieve pain every step of the way.

Best Uses for the Power Massager

How MLB Players Use the Power Massager to Up their Game

Power Massager

The Power Massager is a great tool for baseball players to utilize during every part of their season. During preseason, strength and conditioning takes a serious toll on the body. By Opening Day, athletes are in tip-top shape, but the tough workouts don’t end. The Power massager helps apply recovery massage to tired, growing muscles to prevent the athlete from feeling burnt out the next day.

During practices and on game days, athletes use the Power Massager as a great initial warmup. Notably, pitchers spend time with the trainer loosening and warming up upper back and arm muscle toprevent injury while pitching. Because the Power Massager is perfect for bringing along to the game, players can even utilize the Power massager to help stay loose and ready in the bullpen on game days.

After a tough training day or game, athletes - either with an athletic trainer or at home - will use the power massager to relieve acute muscle aches from overuse. Fielders often focus on sore legs and glutes with the Power Massager, allowing them to utilize a full range of motion the next day. The Power Massager is also great for a relaxing full-body massage after games, making it a great tool to keep at home or in your bag while traveling to big games.

Keeping athletes as fresh and ready to go as they are on opening day isn’t always easy. However, the recovery tools from TimTam are sure to make sure that you’re making the most out of every hour spent in the gym and every minute you spend recovering. Check out thePower Massager now, or explore thecollection of industry-leading recovery tools created by TimTam.