Ask any parent, business owner, or songwriter: A lot goes into a name!

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You might be wondering how we arrived at the name TimTam, especially if you’ve enjoyed the popular cookie of the same name outside the United States. Cookies might provide some fleeting mental therapy on a stressful day, but that has nothing to do with TimTam recovery! The backstory of how we arrived at TimTam for our first product and brand is quite interesting.

When we were first introduced to the TimTam prototype, it was a crude, saw-like power tool with a ball-like object on the end. It looked a bit like a torture device, and we thought, “there’s no way this is going to sell.” At the time, we were seated in a crowded café, and the couple seated behind us were clearly frightened when we pulled out the prototype and began brandishing it. Upon reflection, it must have looked like a weapon or something!

We quickly calmed the couple down and reassured them that we were on a mission of healing and therapy, not mass destruction. We explained to the couple, named Tim and Tam, how the device would be used. Tam’s immediate response was, “my shoulders are so sore.” So naturally, we gave her an impromptu session. She promptly said, “Where can I get one!” The product’s value was apparent even in the prototype stage. And Voila, TimTam was born!

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