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Try it out risk free 30 day money-back guarantee

Pro-level recovery for everyone Used by pro athletes, coaches & physios

Recover faster & train harder Benefits of a 10min massage in just 30s

Our customers love us Fiver Star 1961 reviews

5 Training Tips Inspired by College Wrestlers

It’s the event that athletes from all over the country have been waiting for: the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships. Taking place March 21-23 at PPG Paints Arena - the home of the Pittsburgh Penguins - the best of the best college wrestlers are vying for their respective weight class titles of NCAA D1 Champion. For the athletes making the cut, this means only a short time frame for final preparation. What are they doing to train harder and more effectively than ever? TimTam - the trusted name in workout recovery tools - breaks down for you some vital training tips inspired by the college wrestler.

Full Body Training

No Blasting Biceps and Targeted Training Days

Full body training

Rather than focusing specifically on legs, chest, or back on rotating days in the weight room, wrestlers typically focus on full body workouts that supply mental and physical challenges from start to finish. Since wrestling is heavily focused on maximizing strength while shredding fat, wrestlers often avoid strict mass-building targeted workouts on regions like the biceps. Wrestlers, who often find themselves in a time crunch for results, benefit from the efficiency of full body workouts and the fast anabolic response it causes.

If you’re looking to burn fat and grow muscle, the full body workouts that wrestlers use are probably a good match for you. Utilizing metabolic intervals, circuit training, and compounds lift correctly in a full body workout will help you burn calories, maximize your muscle engagement, and healthily raise your heartrate.

Strict Dietary Focus

Dieting for Maximum Performance and Weight Maintenance

strict dietary focus

When it comes to wrestling - a sport heavily dependent on your precise body weight - weight maintenance is a must. But a balance is required when looking to build muscle, train hard, and stay healthy. A common mistake made by wrestlers is cutting out almost all food and water from their diets, but this short term solution to cutting weight could have lasting effects on organ function and backtrack progress made on strength and conditioning.

A healthy wrestling diet that focuses on strength building and weight maintenance includes two key parts: lots of water and nutrient rich foods. Increasing water intake helps boost an athlete’s metabolism and stay feeling full. Before a match, water intake can be cut starting 24 hours prior, but should not be removed entirely. Additionally, wrestlers look to consume nutrient-rich superfoods and supplements that aid a healthy metabolism. These superfoods include whole grain, lean meats, vitamin-rich vegetables as well as dietary rich supplements like Paradigm Protein

Fascia Care

A little-known tip for maximizing your workout benefits

TimTam Floss Bands

Fascia is the elastic living to all of our muscles, organs, and tendons that supports muscle gain, flexibility, and a dynamic range of motion. Fascia is the reason why wrestlers stay in motion and in rhythm, allowing them to exert maximum power when striking. Because of its elastic nature, fascia responds to compression and tension, both of which affect an athlete’s performance and recovery. When recovering from a tough workout, providing compression to the fascia allows it to keep vital fluids inside for recovery, allowing you to move more freely and without pain the next day. Without proper recovery of your fascia, you may feel stiff and unable to reach peak performance the next day.

To properly care for your fascia, use TimTam Floss Bands. Floss Bands are designed to mirror the elastic nature of the fascia itself, allowing you to pay special attention to this commonly unrecognized portion of your recovery. Athletes typically wrap their joint is TimTam Floss Bands to compress the fascia, do an easy warm down, and remove, allowing complete recovery of the elastic fascia. The next day, athletes are able to move freely and continue with muscle growth and training as scheduled.

End of Workout Cardio

Benefits of Saving Your Run for After the Workout

End of Workout Cardo

Rather than using lengthy cardio as a warmup many wrestlers will save cardio for after the workout. There are a variety of benefits for having cardio at the beginning or end of a workout, and your choice may be based on the day-to-day nature of your workout plan. One of the greatest benefits that wrestlers receive by saving cardio for after lifting or training involves a lack of fatigue while lifting. Having more energy during your lifts makes your workout feel easier overall and reduces the risk of fatigue-related injury, like dropping weights or improper form. Additionally, if you’re looking to care for your fascia better with Floss Bands, adding the compression to the end of your cardio will help you recover faster for the next day.

On the contrary, pre-workout cardio is often better for a wrestler looking to cut weight because it helps burn more calories through the entirety of your workout. In other words, your fitness goals will ultimately be the deciding factor in whether or not you save cardio for the end of your workout.

Focus on Recovery

Championship season means no days off

TimTam for Recovery

High-caliber athletes all over the world know that one of the most important parts of your workout is the post-workout recovery. Wrestlers agree, taking the time to properly recover and refuel for the next day. Not only is a wrestler’s diet, water intake, and level of sleep a vital aspect of their recovery, but massage and physical recovery play an important role. Many wrestlers swear upon massage for helping them reach their maximum potential every day - oftentime delivered by teammates or trainers. However, athletes looking to take their massage and recovery to the next level should try out TimTam’s collection of recovery tools. In addition to Floss bands for compression and fascia care, TimTam has a complete line of powerful massagers, vibrating rollers, and all your recovery necessities.

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