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Pro-level Recovery for Everyone

Georges "Rush" St-PierreUFC Welterweight Champion

Massage is a vital part of your essential health and effective recovery can significantly increase performance.Designed and engineered by leading doctors, physios and coaches TimTam brings professional recovery to everyone.

Used daily by everyone from pro athletes to casual gym-goers, it improves recovery and performance, whatever level you play at.

"I use the Power Massager to help reduce fatigue and tiredness."


recover faster & train harder

Dr Kelly StarrettPhysiotherapist & New York
Times Bestselling Author

Massage is a vital part of your essential health and effective recovery can significantly increase performance.

Power massage for muscle injuries can speed up recovery times by up to 30% and regular massage after training can significantly improve performance - even for elite athletes.

Ten minutes with the Tim Tam leaves me feeling like I just had an hour long deep tissue massage


our customers love us

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